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The front door that parcel thieves hate – BBC News

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An expanding door that locks away small parcels and calls the police if larger ones are stolen is on show at the CES tech expo in Las Vegas. Its developers suggest the innovation is more secure than Amazon’s own solution to the problem of parcel thieves. It looks a bit clunky, but Chris Fox tried out the invention to see if it worked in practice. Please subscribe HERE Read more:

2019 LINCOLN CONTINENTAL – Suicide Doors are Back

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Introduction of Lincoln Continental 80th Anniversary Coach Door Edition pays homage to the iconic style of the 1960s. Limited run of 80 units, honoring Continental’s 80th anniversary, will be produced for the 2019 model year, each personalized with a unique badge; Continental 80th Anniversary Coach Door Edition is scheduled to arrive next summer. In keeping with the spirit of arriving in style, the 2019 Lincoln Continental’s innovative electronic door system allows doors to be unlatched in a smooth, single motion, making entry and exit both effortless and quiet. Rear-seat passengers will be more comfortable than ever. The six inches added […]